Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Ok, I know. REALLY? Has it really been since July that I have updated this blog? I knew I would not be very good at this. I guess there has been alot happen since then.
First starting in August, we bought a children's clothing boutique called Patty Cakes. Wow, what an adventure. We got someone to come in and redo the floors to acid stained concrete and we ourselves (with the help of our family) painted all of the walls. That was a huge job that I would never do again. Then Addison turned one year old! We had a great party with all of our family and a couple of our friends here. She had a kelly green and zebra print theme. It turned out really cute. We grilled hamburgers and had all the extras to go with it. We had a cake with a vanilla layer, a chocolate layer, and a strawberry layer. It was soooo good. Her smash cake of course had to be chocolate. She made quite a mess. She got lots of great presents and has loved playing with them since then. The rest of August was pretty calm. We did go to Branson with all of the Baltz family. We went to Silver Dollar City which was fun for everyone of all ages. It was a good weekend.
September starts off with the opening of the store. We re-opened the doors on September 3rd. We have had a great response to the store being open again. I am loving it. It is lots of fun and of course a big perk for Addison. We have a facebook page if you want to check it out. It is Patty Cakes Childrens Boutique. We did go to the Razorback game in Little Rock. Tailgating there is always lots of fun. We get to see all of our Med School friends/Little Rock friends and hang out for the day and do some catching up. I love to be out on that golf course all day. It is a great atmosphere. We also got Addison's 1 year pictures made in the beginning of the month. Amanda came to Jonesboro this time to take her pictures. She did great and we got some good pics. I guess that pretty much sums up September.
October so far has been good. My mom and sister-in-law to be both had birthdays in the beginning of October. So we had a couple of birthday parties in there. Then Brian and I went to Dallas to the Razorback/A&M game. It was a great weekend. We had lots of fun and that Cowboys stadium is amazing. Next week I go to Market in Dallas for the store. I am excited but nervous about that. I think it will be fun and stressful. I will be looking at spring/summer clothes and we are just now getting ready to wear fall clothes. Oh well, I will give it my best shot. Brian also takes his step 3 test in another week also. Which means he can get his license and start to moonlight. That will be great other than between his job, the store and moonlighting we will be going in all kinds of directions. Well I guess that is it for now. I will post again sooner this next time. Bye.

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  1. You have such great'll do great at Market!